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Experience the feminine Grace and Power of Prayer!
No single teacher, religion or philosophy has all of the answers.  
Instead, they should serve as Guideposts for us to travel by.  
An aware seeker listens, learns, and then applies a particular Teaching according to the dictates of her Heart.  Your Heart will never lead you wrong, for it is the seat of spiritual intuition -
the Voice of Spirit Itself within you.   
Prayer is the most direct way to access this Inner Wisdom.
Throughout the ages, the power of the Spoken Word has been passed down in every major religious and metaphysical teaching.
Prayer is an integral aspect of the Spiritual Path. Indeed, the very act of Prayer is lifechanging, because in that moment we are transcending the stronghold of EgoSelf and surrendering to a Power greater than ourselves.
And in that moment, we immediately become a vessel for the All Good; Grace Itself.

"Earthkeeper" by Montserrat

 I have personally experienced the Power of Prayer in my own life  
Prayer has transformed my life for good in so many ways I have lost count
To experience this is why I undertook this Journey  
And without a doubt, there is "something" within us that is simply waiting for our attention,
and when we become still and direct our focus inwardly,
sooner or later

It will make Its Presence Known.

"One's Mind, once stretched by a new Idea, never regains its original dimensions."
-- Oliver Wendell Holmes
Prayer is beyond a doubt the Most Powerful Force on Earth.
 And Nothing can resist the Power of Prayer from a sincere Heart.
Give It a Try!

embrace the Way of the WildGoddess

. . . keeping your mind and heart open . .  .

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