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What words of WildGoddess are "written on my heart". .set in the depths of my being. . .

Who  Is  WildGoddess ?

Her  for yourself
for She is ALL WOMEN

 listen  Deeply  

for  She  Is  Calling You

"Goddess Rising" by Montserrat

WildGoddess is the long slow of a summernight's Dawn
She is the soft sleep-sigh of
a Newborn
The gentle-calm wash of a soft new rain  
She is the pain-ache of
deeply divine Love   
and within the hidden map of our secret dreams
the ancient-wisdom prayers of our Grandmothers   
She is the way we came in and the way we'll go out  

    without doubt,
She is the Beginning and the End
She Is
Spirit Within      Yahweh  
The Divine One     holy mother     Breath and Love

She Is All in  All Things

WildGoddess Is  You -  WildGoddess Is  Me
This Is The Way of the WildGoddess  
. . .embracing our sacred  femininity with no hesitation at all. . . .


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