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A Loving Prayer for Self-Worth

Everyone and everything in this Universe has its own
unique and most perfect Vibration,
a Vibration that is identical to That which created us.

And I am convinced that our purpose here is to realize this Divine Vibration to the fullest, so that each of us may be a loving and healing presence which uplifts others, and so we may live in joy and bliss, too!

This is my personal Truth, that Loving Spirit simply cannot wait to shine Its' Beauty and Magnificence through and as us.

What you may call the Divine Spirit within you does not matter; what is more important is that everything within the Universe is always conspiring to heal, bless, and uplift you - even in those experiences that may seem difficult.

Always know that a Divine Gift of expansion is being given to you. For as an aspect of Goddess you cannot be truly be hurt, harmed or endangered in any way.

 Who can touch you? You are always safe, always loved, despite appearances!
So, I bless you this day, knowing that your natural Beauty, Strength, Wisdom and Power and Abundance overflows. It is Unlimited.

And I bless you, knowing that with every step you take this day, and with every person you meet this day, a Blessing is also being given. For YOU are the Blessing!  Never doubt that.
WildGoddess is closer to you than your very Breath - be still in this moment and feel  Her!  Then realize that She Is You!

Blessed Be!

More Blessings!

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