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A Prayer to Claim Your Goddess-Nature

I am knowing this morning, my Sisters, that there is an invisible, yet unbreakable link between you and I that was forged centuries ago. I know that we are "Wild, Witchy Women" who have the power, together and separately to create powerful shifts and changes in consciousness, both in ourselves and in others.

We are Healers, you and I, and it begins with ourselves.
So today is the day that I am declaring our willingness to drop the act of "not-knowing" and to be proud enough, strong enough, open enough, and woman enough to claim our divine birthright from the dirty, disrespecting hands of the Patriarchy.
My Sisters, both you and I "know that we know." This is no surprise. And the Mother has simply surrounded both of us with everything, every possible tool that we need to "wake up."

All that is missing on a very deep level is our willingness - maybe I should say instead - our Courage! - to do it! Right now.
To live and breathe and act sacredly in each and every moment despite conditions or how we may be feeling or living.

To honor our bodies and the food we put in them to the degree that they can no longer be out of alignment with the Mother's Divine Vibration.

To walk this earth in confidence that we are being cared for and supported no matter what we see and hear and experience.

To demand that we honored and respected for the Women that we are.

To allow the Mother to send us our Divine Work through our own contemplation and creative expressions.

I know that as we move more and more into Her Consciousness, we will attract others who need this awareness, too. There is a Calling here and that is why we experience the challenges that we face - so that we may be ready.

So, this day, I accept the purifications, the challenges, and the shifts in awareness that must happen so that Her Will can be revealed in us.

And, more importantly, I accept the self-responsibility that must come with spiritual expansion;
I know what I must do this day in myself.

And as I accept these Truths for myself,
I do so for all of my Sisters as well.

As Sisters in Spirit, we will climb this rocky road to the Shining Summit of Her Loving Heart together. This I claim today.

Blessed Be!

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