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A Loving Prayer for Just Letting Go
(when your Back's up against the Wall...)

Remember one thing:

"You are a Spiritual Being Having a Human Experience."

In other words, you may feel as if you're lost
(or poor, or ill or whatever) and you may look at yourself and judge your current life-experience as being lost (we all do!)
but in truth, we aren't "lost" at all.

It is simply a matter of perception.
From the standpoint of having this human experience here on earth, we cannot possibly see our lives clearly; it is impossible.

So, we tend to define our lives by our limited perceptions.
But the One who brought you into this world - through Love -
has never let go of you for a single moment.

Whether you can see it or not, you are not alone.
No matter how challenging, no matter how painful,
no matter how difficult your life has been,

Divine Love has a Perfect Plan for you,
and a Perfect Gift buried in its midst. That's why you are here.
And one day it will be revealed to you. Trust this. It is the Truth.

Sometimes, when things get difficult in my life, I sit back, take a deep breath and think, "All of this is just a stage play, so relax!"
And it really is.

Always believing I had to "fix" or solve all of my problems stressed me out until I learned to simply say, "Spirit, I don't know what to do any longer, so, You handle it!"

And each and every time I've done that - simply surrendering my problems to That which is so much Greater than I - somehow, things always worked out usually in ways I couldn't have even imagined.

Money suddenly appearing in my checking account
(where'd that come from!)
A envelope unexpectedly arriving in the mail with a loving card
 (and I thought I was unloved..)
An old friend suddenly calling me to chat
(how could they know I was feeling so alone?)

Surrendering everything to Spirit works.
And all Spirit ever asks us to do is to move our egos out of the way and let Her do the Work.

For you are valuable and you are precious in Her Sight,
no matter what the appearance.

Peace to You!

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