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notes  from  my journal

yeah  yeah, Says  Who?
a WildGoddess "stream of consciousness"
by Samara

Hey, You're All Right
I don't care what they say .   
All of us are All Right

Who wrote the law that says you gotta spend your whole life struggling and striving to become something you're not, and never will be  
I didn't write it; did you


You're more than enough, just as you are.
Think about this: Wouldn't it might be better and far more interesting to learn all about YOU,
the most complicated, and fascinating person
you'll ever meet

Find out what's trying to come through you.

What's yearning to be born through you
What wants to express itself creatively
through you in this world  NOW
Don't ignore it   Listen.

This is the way your deepest Dreams
can come true.

For within the creative process of self discovery
lies your salvation.

There are many, many ancient tools available to assist you in expanding your Awareness.  


Two of the most powerful and effective
tools you can use are:

You can pray and meditate
any way that works for you  just as long as you're consistent

No matter what techniques you decide on,
they will require one thing on your part:

(but, hey, you're the Goddess
You can Do Anything!)
twinkling stars


and Commitment.

 So, as you begin your practice,
 be patient with yourself.
 Try a few minutes a day to start with,
and then slowly expand from there


And if you're already practicing,
Keep It Up   It's Good for You
like Invisible Love

Check out the Resources on this website
for more information or e mail me.

I'll be glad to help !

During this amazing process of
discovering your Self
you will be intrigued, confused, frustrated,  
joy filled, and endlessly, endlessly entertained.

Once you begin, your self exploration
 will never cease,
for in truth you are an Eternal Being,
 therefore, you have no End.
You are Unlimited


You will also be expanded, fulfilled,
and experience things beyond all imagination.

 WildGoddess will inhabit your heart

like Liquid Love

And you will also realize with every single step of your Sacred Journey how very Blessed and Special you really are

Come Claim your Feminine Power,

my Sisters this day

you   will  become  grace-filled


This Is The Way of the WildGoddess
 . . . forgiveness of self and others . . .


Discover the Sweet Sound of Wholeness , and Dance just 'cause you want to!

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