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notes  from  my journal

It's just Not that Personal!

          by Samara

From time to time, we may encounter
certain individuals in our lives
who just plain Get On Our Nerves.

They irritate us over and over again,
until we finally Lose It.

If you really think about it,  
these individuals truly have no control
or power over us,
and they reallly can't harm us,
except to the degree that we let them,
so, sheesh

Let 'em go, whydon'tcha?

Know that there's a reason these people act out the way they do, and also a reason why we react to them the way we do.

It's because we TAKE  THEM  PERSONALLY.


       "You Are Never Alone" by Montserrat

 Here's a little trick:
Try to shift your perspective on these individuals for a moment and allow yourself to detach from their behavior.

Imagine them as a teeny tiny innocent baby, nestled in the palm of your hand.

A newborn who doesn't know anything at all.

Now imagine them growing up in this world,
with all of the negative and positive forces, conditioning, and influences that they will encounter bearing down on them.

You can immediately see that these influences
are what shaped this person
 into who he or she is today,
and that they react to the world mainly


Think about it.
They just don't know any better.
They're still asleep

Remember that as soon as a person
becomes aware of these patterns,
 they automatically begin to shift for the better.

This is true for all of us.

Just as you unconsciously have
from time to time

These "knee jerk" reactions are
 learned behavior and they can be changed
 for the better.


So, take a good long look at yourself,
and your reactions and decide
who has the Real Power over your Sacred Being,

you or someone else  

Ask yourself
"Who or what do I personalize in my Life
"Can I let this go?"

Then make a conscious choice to
wake up this day

Take back your Feminine Power, my Sisters
It's all up to you

This Is The Way of the WildGoddess
 . . stillness and deep surrender . . .



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