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A Loving Prayer for Deep Wisdom

Sometimes it appears as if there's never enough time. But one of the greatest realizations I have had is that there truly is no time - it is really only a construct of mankind's Mind, and somehow, we have all been coerced into buying into it.  

We've all had experiences in the past where we were so engrossed in something that when we finally looked at the time, in amazement we'd wonder,  "Where did the time go?"  

What happened is that somehow we rose above the illusion for a moment - something in our consciousness decided
to let it go for a while.

Experiences like these prove to me beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is something within us that can set us free
from the illusion of time.
Meditation does, and I know Prayer does as well.
So, let us Pray.

In this moment, in this place that was created specifically for this unique purpose, I now acknowledge the Loving Presence of a Power greater than myself. A Presence that is so Loving, so, Supportive and so Vast, that It can, in a second, totally change our lives for the better.

Therefore I pray that this be done now.

For I know that you were sent to this planet, into this time and place to accomplish a special purpose; that you have been Called here to reveal more and more of God/Goddess as your very Life. And because the deepest desire in your Heart is so very real and so pure, right now I am convinced that this Divine Power which I call WildGoddess is shifting and expanding your Life so that you can live more authentically, more connected, more creatively.

We have been birthed here to live a joyous and more fulfilling life. And even as we continue to grow spiritually, our lives should reflect more and more perfect Peace and Harmony.

I know that as a result of your dedication to inner expansion and healing, your life will begin to reflect this
Perfect Peace and Harmony now.

And I know that Abundance will also become the order of your day, and that each and everything you undertake will flow easily and effortlessly as only Divine Activity can flow.

From this moment on, let the Work that you do is be Good Work couched in Good Intentions.
 You will become Wise far beyond your years.
And you will become a Blessing and will be Blessed as well.

It is done, now.  And I am so very grateful.

In the Name of the Goddess, Blessed Be!

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