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A Loving Prayer for Perfect Healing

As Women, we have The Goddess'  Blessing, for I know through personal experience that everything that happens to us has a greater purpose behind its' appearance; to peel off the tired layers of the old Self and reveal more and more of
our own Feminine Divinity to us.

And so it is my pleasure to re-affirm that all there is is Goddess. She is immanent, eternal, and ever-loving.
She permeates every pore of our Body,
our Nature and our Soul, and enriches, enlightens,
 and heals us in ways yet to be revealed.

And because we have been fashioned in Her Image, it is so easy to accept the only Truth that there is,
that we truly are a Divine Gift to this world.

We have been sent here to serve Truth, to be Truth and to live Truth. Know that you are a living example of Her Truth, whether you can see this or not.

And through the challenges that you may face from time to time, you have a Goddess-given opportunity
to slow down, turn within, and Love your Self in a deeper way
than you've ever done before. Know that as you do this, sisters,
you will be giving this Love to the whole world as well,
and it will be made better for it.

Isn't it wonderful how something so simple can really be so great? Just think about how many individuals that you know are doing this practice in this moment - not very many, I suppose.

So, please realize that the Love you give yourself,
the slowing-down, the nurturing, and the resting -
are all serving as Divine Templates
for the world at large to follow.

Through our particular challenges, Goddess is calling each of us. And as a result of our willingness to respond, Perfect Healing will result - the Perfect Healing that Goddess has in mind.
Therefore I release this Prayer, this Knowledge,
knowing that as I do so, something within each of us is being released to make room for something precious -
a seed of Perfect Grace is now embedded within our hearts.

 And I simply give thanks for this Blessing.
It is done. And so it is.

Blessed Be!

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