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A Prayer for Wild Grace and Beauty

There is a invisible movement taking place in this Universe
 and it is a Sacred Movement.
It is re-shaping and re-creating each and every moment of our existence into something healing, nurturing, and supportive.

This is the Power of Goddess re-weaving the fabric that makes up our lives. And as Women who are awake and aware, there is no way we can ever lose that which is our Divine Birthright:

Perfect Peace and Harmony and Deep Understanding of the spiritual world and our place in it.

This is what I know for every Woman; that together, we stand for something great in this World. With every word we speak, every song we sing, indeed, with every yearning we express, we are serving a deeper purpose that we could ever realize.

For we have been fashioned in Her Name.
Therefore, in our silent moments, let's
re-connect ourselves to that Lifeline,
that Sacred Movement known as Goddess.

Let's acknowledge our own Divinity and know that wherever we may go, She goeth also - in Grace and Beauty and Love.

Blessings To You!

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