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A Loving Prayer for Perfect Wholeness

My Sister, please know that the Mother of us all is always praying for you - though thick and thin!

And in this moment - this precious moment that never will be again, I am taking this opportunity to know and accept the Real Truth about you and your Life; that it is vital, flowing, rich and Eternal, despite seeming appearances. And I am confident that whatever is moving though your life experience right now - be it illness, depression, sadness or poverty - whatever it is - it has no power over the shining, enduring Light that is YOU - a Light that can never be extinguished.

You are so much greater than any of these conditions, because you areDivine - made in the image of The Mother. You are an Eternal Being, moving through these experiences to realize the deep teaching that is always inherent in them.

Therefore, all challenges - medical or otherwise - can be seen as a Gift from Spirit - given to us to help open our heart to a much vaster experience of who and what we really are.

This is what I know for you this day - that in time, in realization, all of these challenging manifestations will pass over like the shadows they really are. And your inherent Beauty, Strength, and Wisdom will again shine forth.

For now, in this moment, all pain, fear, doubt and anguish is released - now.  Even as I pray these words, I know that this is already done.  You are Blessed, Beautiful One!

In deepest gratitude, I now acknowledge:
And so it is and ever will be.
Blessings To You!

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