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notes  from  my journal

flying      get fresh, baby!                       
by Samara

Who are you ?
 Have you ever asked yourself that question?

Well, I guarantee you're not
 the same person you were yesterday.

And I'm also willing to bet that
you're striving EVERY DAY to become somebody different than you think you are.

Hey, that's cool, it's part of the "human condition."
 We all do it.  But, listen:


 . . .while you're busy tinting your hair a
"whiter shade of pale",
 may I feed you
a little food for thought . .



There is someone so fantastic, so mind blowing,
so strong, so wise, and so beautiful
that's just sitting around, biding its' time,

WAITING for your attention.
Now, who do you think that is?
It's You

The best of you, your "WildGoddess Self " is alive in the deepest part of You, waiting for your attention so that It can express in this world as You.

And It is all of the above things and more,
even without the hair color
and the hip clothes
and the cute guy on your arm.......



How to meet this fantastic You
 Just settle down for a moment,
be still and listen. That's it

Just be quiet and listen for at least five minutes a day, every day, and you'll slowly, but surely begin to
hear Its' Voice in your Heart
whispering wonderful things to you.

Allow your pure Heart to sing to you.

After a while,
even your friends may notice a change in you.
They'll wonder,  "What's going on with you?

  "You're Glowing!"

And if you'll allow It,
the Voice will then begin to guide you and advise you and simply love you in a way you've never been loved before.

This is the Gift you were born with.

It's your Birthright

So, give your Self the Gift of daily
Prayer and Meditation.

And before long, you'll become NATURALLY Beautiful, naturally Wise, naturally Abundant


Now, that's Real

You  Deserve  it

This Is The Way of the WildGoddess
 . . self-acceptance, realization & inner transformation  . . .



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