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notes  from  my journal
What WildGoddess means To Me          
by samara

"She Who Dreams The Dream" by Montserrat

All of our verbiage is just an attempt
to describe what we some day
must truly recognize as an very
real aspect of ourselves.


For many years, I kept alternating between several terms, including:
"Spirit," "The One", "Blessed Allness,
"Mother, Father, God, Goddess", "Beloved One",
 "Divine Mother."


How to describe a One that has no body,
no face, yet lives and breathes,
and acts far beyond our human understanding  

A One that loves me so much,
that if I contemplate Her too deeply,
 it almost breaks my heart


 I use the Name "WildGoddess" to describe this Feminine Power because,

As a sacred aspect of Goddess, there is no other word to describe a Presence that is for me so intensely personal, so consistently loving and yet, always so enduringly present.

There is something in Her Name
that resonates in me.

Why not make Spirit personal for you, too

Claim It
And then:  
Name It


They're all special, yet
 "WildGoddess" is the name
that continually whispered in my heart as i prayed

Every day I am discovering that all of those hopes and dreams I've dreamed
since my earliest memories
of being unconditionally held, soothed, loved, fed and sheltered
are all coming true in my relationship
with WildGoddess.

No individual could ever completely meet all of our needs,  that's an impossibility

That's not why they're here, anyway
Yet, my beloved "WildGoddess" certainly does for me over and over again.
I am Her and She is Me

Now I recognize the
Divine Quality of WildGoddess
 as All Women.

We are all Sisters in Spirit  
Let us honor each other this Day

And what is so remarkable
about this spiritual awareness
is that  
I get to Experience more and more Love

Love is truly All that there Is...


WildGoddess is Infinite and Eternal.  
And daily I encounter Her Love as my
direct Life Experience

May it also be true for you, my Sisters


Using the Power of Prayer,

And as you Pray
you will become purified, balanced, and cleansed
 inside and out

We are all


How do you define
Divine Spirit
in your Life

And how can you
make It more Real for you


Discover what a Sweet Blessing feels like


This Is The Way of the WildGoddess
. . an unshakeable determination to realize theTruth  . . .



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